Rebar Tying Machine

Product Name: Rebar Tying Machine


Model No.: RT-4088


Product Descriptions:

Working Voltage: 9.6V

Maximum Tying Diameter: 40 mm

Tying Speed Per Knot: 0.8 Second

Wire Length of Per Knot: 500 mm (2 cycles) / 700 mm (3 cycles)

Tying Knots (in full charge): 1100 - 1200 knots

Wire Diameter: 0.8 mm

Wire Material: Annealed wire (Q195 / ZS08)

Wire Length of Per Spool: 95,000 mm

Tying Knots of One Spool: 190 Knots

Weight of One Spool: 0.4 kgs

Battery Capacity: 2800 mAH (Ni-mH)

Charging Time: 40-70 Minutes

Product Origin: Shenzhen
Model Number: RT-4088
Brand Name:  

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